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Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass is a great alternative to real turf, for customers looking for a modern clean area in their outside spaces.

Artificial grass is low maintenance and child and pet friendly. It requires no pesicides, or regular watering like real turf. It stays clean all year round allowing you to utilise your garden in the winter too.
Low maintenance doesn’t mean NO maintenance, you will have to rake and look after your artificial grass, but this is much less than a natural lawn, and it continues to look great all year round.
Artificial grass requires the area to be dug out and prepared, using a weed membrane and sub base. There are many great brands of Artificial grass on the market, we generally recommend a grass of at least 37mm thickness. 
Marshalls Always Green Artificial Grass

Brands we use:

Marshalls Always Green Artificial Grass
Marshalls Always Green Artificial Grass